AMIGOS gives you an exciting chance to have an adventure and explore the world outside of a classroom. You will live in a new country with a host family and work on sustainable community service projects. These experiences prepare you for your future, improve your Spanish, and build your confidence. You develop leadership skills that will set you apart in college and throughout your career. With AMIGOS, you will learn about the world by living in it. Click here to explore our Summer Programs.



The deadline to apply to the local Portland Chapter of AMIGOS has passed. We are still accepting applications through our National Chapter! You can learn more about the National Chapter here.



If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jenny Schmidt, Outreach Coordinator, via email at


The AMIGOS Portland Chapter is part of a 13 Chapter Network that recruits, trains, and supports AMIGOS volunteers and families in their local community. Volunteers from the Pacific Northwest/Portland, Oregon area train together as a group before leaving for their summer experience in Latin America.  Our board supports volunteers and families with group fundraising, service learning, community building, and overall preparation. Learn more about our Summer Programs here!



Since the Portland Chapter’s incorporation in 1997, over 500 youth from Portland and its suburbs have volunteered through the chapter path, fundraising and training locally before the summer.



Portland Chapter volunteers attend Abiqua School, Churchill, Cleveland, De La Salle, Franklin, Grant, Lake Oswego, Lincoln, Milwaukie, North Clackamas, Oregon Episcopal, Riverdale, Roosevelt, Southridge, St. Mary’s, Tigard, Tualatin, Wilson, and many more!


The family fee to participate in an AMIGOS Summer Program in the Portland Chapter varies by project.* Please see the Fees section to the right to review pricing.

The Portland Chapter covers AMIGOS program costs through a combination of tulip sales (April), donor contacts through letter writing (February through March), and a family fee contribution. We chose these activities to maximize our ability to provide the AMIGOS experience to all volunteers without regard to family financial circumstances. The individual fundraising goal is approximately $2,500.

All volunteers are required to fully take part in each fundraising activity, as fundraising skills are an important component of AMIGOS training program and raise awareness of AMIGOS programs in the community. Detailed financial information, including family fees, financial assistance and fundraising are discussed at our Information Sessions and then again more completely at Candidate and Parent Interviews.



AMIGOS Portland volunteers raise funds through the sale of tulips. This effort to sell 2 boxes takes place in April. Students receive considerable help with regard to sales strategies, and the experience gained in this effort will definitely build important skills that can be applied in summer projects!



Each volunteer is also required to send out 100 letters to friends, family and other contacts, requesting individual tax-deductible donations to the chapter (the revenue from this effort is pooled). Letters are written by the volunteer with considerable help provided by the chapter during the process.

To see some of our fundraising efforts from last year, check out our Summer 2022 CauseVox Campaign here.


Additional funding AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE opportunities

All alumni interested in volunteering again with AMIGOS qualify to apply for the Alumni Award.

AMIGOS actively recruits and supports inclusion of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. AMIGOS provides need-based financial assistance with distribution determined by family income, number of dependents, and special financial circumstances. We provide amounts of assistance to qualified applicants as deductions on the family fee.

Please contact the Portland Chapter Treasurer at for more information.


Non-Refundable Application Fee: $50 (fee waived for financial assistance applicants)

Summer program family fees vary by project length:

  • 3-week projects: $4,075
  • 4-week projects: $4,375
  • 6-week projects: $4,575

*Flight costs are not included. Learn more about airfare and travel support here.



  • Training materials and workshops
  • Secondary short-term international medical insurance
  • Program excursions
  • Food, lodging, and transportation in Latin America
  • Supplies for community project and extracurricular activities
  • 24-hour On Call Emergency Management System
  • Travel hotline and support

Click here for more information about our Fees & Funding.



The transformative AMIGOS experience starts before leaving home.

With over 55 years of experience preparing young people for travel and service abroad, AMIGOS training offers unparalleled global youth leadership development. Pre-departure training equips volunteers with the critical thinking, communication skills, and technical knowledge they need to make a meaningful impact across cultures while staying healthy and safe. The Portland Chapter AMIGOS training is youth-led, experiential learning that prepares volunteers for their AMIGOS experience, builds a community of youth and families with shared values, and develops life-skills to help students succeed beyond AMIGOS. Training sessions are facilitated by the Training Team and Portland Chapter Board of Directors.



The Portland Chapter incorporates service learning into the AMIGOS training to add depth and first-hand experience to the curriculum. Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities.


  • Unparalleled leadership development
  • Cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Hands-on training for technical aspects of the program
  • Extensive health and safety training
  • Opportunities to practice Spanish
  • Creating a community of young people with shared values
  • Feb 5, 12:30-5:30pm — Orientation
  • Feb 11, 9am-4pm — Training
  • March 5, 2pm-5pm — Letters Addressing Party
  • April — Tulip sale & Possible Community Event
  • May 20-21, Sat 10am-Sun 4pm — Overnight retreat
  • June 4, 4-6pm — Departure Party


Jennifer Schmidt
Jeff Spalding
Peggy Bartelt
Linda Ganzini
Financial Aid and Fundraising (Letters)
Anne Nelson
Fundraising (Grapefruit)
Kirsten Gwynn
Community Events and Fundraising (CauseVox)
Susan Douglass
Training Coordinator
Dave Pribnow
Communications Coordinator
Riley Stevenson
Recruitment and Newsletter Coordinator
Ashley Stiles
Outreach Coordinator